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10th August | Chennai

Singara Chennai

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Chennai or Madras as it was called before,on the Coromandel Coast,is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a State of the Indian Sub continent. It is a major industrial, commercial, cultural, economic and educational centre of the Southern India. The Chennai District’s population is 46,81,087 [2011 census]. Chennai City is the sixth largest populated in Indian cities. It is known as the "Detroit of India" because many automobile industries are located here. The city also has a population of over 80,000 expatriates as per 2011 census.

There are many versions and legends as to how this city’s name kept changing from Madras and Chennai from time to time. Originally this city was called as Madras, from Madraspattinam during Nayakars rule. It was a fishing village situated to the north of the present Fort St. George. British bought the piece of land from the King of Vijayanagar and built the Fort St. George that houses today’s  Secretariat complex of  Government of Tamil Nadu. British retained the name as Madrasapattinam, though the locals called it as Chennapattinam. A Legend also says, this city was first named Chennai in honour of Damal Chennappa Nayakkar. In 1996, the then ruling Government of Madras, renamed it as Chennai and it stands good till date. 

Today Madras is called Chennai (Old name Chennapatnam) and the name Singara Chennai implies a Charming Chennai. It is a dream land of hope for many from all over the country and a truly cosmopolitan per se It’s the capital of the Tamil speaking state of Tamil Nadu
And always continues to be the place for people from all over the world.

Come in, have a seat and have a meal is the old age traditional greetings of this land of Tamil speaking people
You are always welcome to Chennai, known for its hospitality
Chennai shares good values and culture as well
Today Madras is called Chennai (Old name Chennapatnam) and the name Singara Chennai implies a charming Chennai

As old as Stone Age civilization has been existing here (as found by archaeological findings in Pallavaram area of Chennai city)
Today is a city with sky scrapers like a golden giant wheel
A place of religious and communal harmony at the shores of Bay of Bengal
A cradle of fine arts and IT
Having accommodated people from all over
It has only become bigger
Chennai has given itself to the world
Has won over the hearts of millions
People speaking various languages and cultures
Live happily in Chennai [Matladum (Telegu) - speaking/chechi (Malayalam) – Sister/acha (Hindi) – good/bhai (Guajarati) – brother/ Kushi (Bengali) – Happily / kujaala (Chennai Thamizh dialect) – happily /Jeevana (Kannada) – jeevana (Urdu) – Living]

It’s a hub of medical tourism as well from BC to AD, Chennai has been a home for people from all over the world
Representing the cultural diversity of Indian Union
It is called as the cultural capital of India
Though hit by Tsunami in 2004
It has not gone down
The monsoon rain wets the streets, makes it muddy and cools the minds
Still it’s a charming Chennai in deeds, thought and hearts