Event #1:  First one day workshop - TechSurge (MTSIS Event #1)

Event #2:  MTS INDIA members visit Local High School for Educational Outreach (MTSIS Event #2)

Event #3:  Invited technical talk (MTSIS Event #3)

Event #4:  Invited technical talk (MTSIS Event #4)

Event #5:  MTSIS Event # 5

Event #6:  MTSIS Event # 6

Event #7:  MTSIS Event # 7: Workshop on best practices for underwater vehicles

Event #8:  MTSIS Event # 8: SAVE Competition

Event #9:  MTSIS Event # 9:Second National Training on Sensors and Ocean Data Collection

Event #10:  MTSIS Event # 10:Student camp

Event #11:  MTSIS Event # 11: MTS India Student Section inauguration

Event #12:  MTSIS Event # 12: "OCEAN TECHNOLOGY STUDENTS CAMP 2016" at NIOT Campus on 3rd September 2016

Event #13:  MTS UnderGraduate Scholarship 2017 SRM university

Event #14:  MTS India Student Section inauguration Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology

Event #15:  MTS India Section leader ship Meeting

Event #16:  MTS India Section Lecture on Connecting People to Nature

Event #17:  MTS India Section Student Internship Programme

Event #18:  MTS India Section Technical Talk on Acoustic Instruments and its Applications

Event #19:  MTSIndia Section Technical Talk on Automation of UnderWater Sound Scape Analyses

Event #20:  MTS India Section Technical Talk on UnderWater Vehicles and Sensors

Event #21:  MTS India Section One Day Awareness Programme on Ocean Technologies for Higher Secondary School Students

Event #22:  MTS India Section "OCEAN TECHNOLOGY STUDENT CAMP 2017" NIOT Campus , 1 st September 2017

Event #23:  MTS India Section 2017 Students Scholarship

tnav  MTS INDIA members visit Local High School for Educational Outreach

tnav  MTS INDIA Section Recognizes Survivors during TechSurge on Search and Rescue at Sea Conference 2016

tnav  "Use of surface moorings for Air-Sea interaction research" delivered by Dr. J Thomas Farrar

tnav  "TechSurge" Conference 2016 Photos

tnav  "TechSurge 2016" Poster Competetion Winners

tnav  National Geoscience Award 2014

tnav  India MTS Inaguration Event Photos

tnav  Notice to MTS members





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